Qualite Search Methodology



Finding a perfect resource for any company is a real hard work, the seasoned professionals at Qualite Manpower have successfully accomplished such task for many of the leading companies in India using its search methodology which is given below step wise.

1. Develop an Understanding of the Organization

Qualite Team invests time to understand the values & philosophy of the company for which we have to recruit. For each assignment, our team works with the client to understand:

  • The company’s organizational structure & culture

  • Outcomes associated with the position

  • Outcomes associated with the position

  • Objectives and culture

  • Detailed objectives

  • Roles and Responsibilities

This thorough briefing process enables Qualite Team to effectively identify qualified candidates.

2. Develop the position specification

After detailed understanding, we develop the job specifications. We decide our client on dates, events and criteria for the requirement as well as define the measurements for success.

3. Identify Suitable Candidates

We begin by identifying target companies as well as candidates who may possess the skills and talents identified in our search plan. We achieve the same by means of doing inquiries within our database.

4. Targeted Search

We start targeted search using our networks and other means include our Network Partners, direct mail, targeted advertising, e-mail or Internet sourcing, etc to accomplish the hunt for the right candidates.

5. Internally Generated Candidates

Once we start targeted search, we can’t come back and search internally, that should be the first thing to do.

6. Evaluation and Shortlist

Candidates are screened and interviewed based upon their skills, achievements and cultural fit for an opportunity. Through this process we narrow our selection of potential candidates to a highly-screened group of finalists.

7. Interviews

Final candidates are introduced to the client through a discussion of job history, accomplishments and cultural fit. Only when a strong mutual interest exists does the conversation move forward and interviews occur.

8. Reference checks of Successful Candidates

We also conduct reference checks of the selected candidate for.

9. Offer Negotiation

We act as the agent for communication between the candidate and the client company to clarify all questions around salary terms, benefits and relocation, if needed.

10. Follow ups & closing the requirement

We help the candidate to make their move and counsel them through the process of resignation from their current company, preparing for the counter offer and transitioning to their new career opportunity.

11. Post joining counseling

We maintain communication with both candidate and client company not only throughout the process but also after joining to ensure a smooth transition.