Our Services

Executive Search & Recruitment

We believe that improving your company’s bottom line figures isn’t just about hiring competent people, but also about building a vigorous ecosystem through building talent management solutions.

Permanent Placement Recruitment (PPR)

Our recruitment consultants follow a client-based strategy to search for and make available the job-ready talent, thereby cutting your cost on recruitment process.

Contract Placement Recruitment (CPR)

Our CPR is just the solution you need for a temporary job without running up huge expenses on employment formalities.

Outsourcing (O)

We also conduct outsourcing a business practice in which certain talent acquisition functions required by the business are performed on a contract basis

HR Advisory (HA)

Our HR advisory services help you improve operational & organizational activities by putting right people with right capability at right costs doing the right thing.

Leadership Development (LD)

Our Leadership development programme expands the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations

Coaching and mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring programme is an on-the-job management development program to improve the performance and development of skills which ensures his/her overall career development.