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Media & Entertainment


The Media and Entertainment Industry in India is an exponentially growing sector with maturing Indian Audience. This industry is heading towards digitization rapidly due to increased usage of computer systems and mobile telephony. Internet has now become the king of all becoming the mainstream media new and entertainment for almost every one using smart phones. It is one of the highest spending and rapidly growing advertising market globally which on a stunning path of growth and success. Every media company is now expanding its digital team at a great pace seeking a huge rise in this sector. Government of India is also supporting this sector where the Prime Minister is promoting Digital India campaign, which is launching new schemes to make India well connected to internet. Apart from internet, Television and print media is also expected to contribute the major part of this industry.

Facts & Figures / Market Dynamics

  • This sector is all set to grow at a CAGR of 14.5 % reaching Rs 2.26 Trillion by 2020
  • Radio is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17 % for next five years at least
  • Digital Advertising is said to grow at 33.5 % CAGR which is huge number
  • From April 2000 to March 2016, India has attracted FDI of 4.98 billion USD
  • Advertising revenues are expected to grow with 13% CAGR
  • Internet advertising will emerge as the third-largest segment by 2020

Qualite Approach

Qualite has always worked in close coordination with media and entertainment people and the company is also serving to a large number when it comes to this industry. It is a very dynamic industry where trends change in hours. This industry has always demanded people with an innovative approach, out of the box thinking and willing to work in different shifts / long stretches. In addition, a major challenge of this sector is piracy, violation of copyrights and content so if someone is innovative, there is no limit for such talent. We have worked across all the segments of this media and entertainment industry.

Why Qualite?

  • One fastest growing recruiters in Media and Entertainment
  • Worked for leading media and entertainment companies
  • Partnered with few media companies as their HR Partner

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