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Indian Baking and Financial Sector, which seemed well capitalized and regulated to the experts, will realize huge growth and development in the transition of India to a Digital Economy. The demonetization scheme launched by the Government of India has provided Indian Banking and Financial Sector a strong up thrust. Indian Economy’s credit, market and liquidity risk studies states that Indian Banking is resilient and have withstood the global downturn well as compared to all the other leading nations of the world. The industry has recently witnessed the outburst of innovative models of banking like payments banks and small finance banks. RBI has taken some new measures to restructure and develop domestic banking industry which largely untapped. Public Sector banks in India controls over 80 % of the markets

Qualite approach

Indian Economy has a highly diversified financial sector, which is accelerating in expansion mode. It includes

  • Commercial Banking

  • Non-Banking Financial Companies

  • Life Insurance

  • General Insurance

  • Co-operative Banks

  • Pension funds

  • Mutual funds

  • Payments Banks

With a collective drive by private sector and Indian Government, India is no doubt moving towards World’s most flourishing capital markets. Having worked with leading banking and financial companies of India, Qualite has great experience in serving this sector. Experienced team from commerce and baking sector helps Qualite to provide perfect fit to the companies who are seeking quality recruitment for their key vacant positions.

Why qualite?

  • One of the growing recruiter in Banking and Finance Industry

  • Worked for the leading banks and NBFCs

  • Partnered with few banks as their HR Partner

  • Formulated and delivered training programs